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How do I enter Typographic Quotes?

Before you enter the wonderful world of Typographic Quotes, you will need to make sure that your document supports them. This means making sure that the documents are saved and presented in UTF-8.

Most modern word process already use UTF-8. Web pages need to be saved accordingly, and need to be identified as such using the meta element.

To enter typographic quotes manually using your keyboard, use the following keyboard combinations:


1 Yes, it’s counter-intuitive, but not hard to get used to.

2 Note: Hold down an alt key while typing the four digits on the numeric keypad only! Then release.

If you want to enter typographic quotes in a web page the more traditional way (using HTML entities), you can enter the following:


3 HTML Entities, without relying on UTF-8; this is not defined in XML or XHTML, but is in HTML5.

4 Entities for XML & XHTML; ironically, they assume UTF-8 anway …

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